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Had a bit o' technical difficulties. Fixed - drawin Kim Possible n another pic on stream tonight -… spring specials
Working on a lot of comic and graphic projects have to keep the lid on but when i'm workin on spring special orders or other not-so-senstiive materials i'll be sure and toss up WIPs and such. switching over to spring specials rest of the day. stay tuned for moer WIPs, maybe i'll even turn cam on. I do believe I will be doing a Thursday Night Livestream with spring special orders for a few hours tomorrow night. So stay tuned for that. ~E
New Jumping Boy came out this morning - www.eryckwebbgraphics.blogspot…  is the new address for now. Otherone might be lost for good. Easter Egg hunt ends in two hours

New From EWG! -… - Also Easter Egg Hunt going for two more hours!
Hey - domain is currently down - and the interrelations between godaddy and blogger will be fun to pick at later. for now i'm off to enjoy my easter. GO PARTAKE in the EASTER EGG HUNT at the site still up and running at EryckWebb.BlogSpot.Com! - find the easter egg on the site, take a screenshot send to and you are automaticaly registered for $15.00 off any future commission you want! (exceptiosn: sales, specials slots)
Go to to save 15 dollars on your next commission!
Something will be happening at the EWG website at midnight! Enjoy those who participate! Only at 
Follow… or to know when it happens!
Just released at the EWG Website:…
Thursday Night Livestream - drawing an original Jumping Boy full color illustration! Grab a seat and enjoy -…

Will be working on a special Jumping Boy full color cover illo tonight for Thursday Night Livestream! Recorded live on Livestream! Only at

Good morning! Got me wall warmed up, time for a mug o' coffee and some page inks. got a a page to get done today - then some character artz
Have a good one - pick it up tomorrow!
Not sure if there will be a livestream tomorrow evening or not

In The Final Homestretch of todays streaming - slappin down Fire Emblem Colors

After some short computer maint. stuff - back at it spring special orders!

Live on Picarto all day! - Working on Spring Special Charaacter Art all morning/ afternoon! -…
Thats it for me today, get back on commissions tomorrow first thing! Looking forward to Horseshoes and Handgrenades tonight at 8pmEST! -

Hang out enjoy the candid live broadcast and chat with the others hanging out.
Digital layouts and pencils on UTMNT doublepage spread this afternoon - come grab a seat and see -…