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Livestream 72214 by EryckWebbGraphics
Only at…

Will also feature a second commission of the new Batgirl if time!
The customers below bought $15 off one character no background full color art from EWG! Stay tuned for more available slots on a week to week basis depending on how busy the production queue is.

----July 7-11----
Slot 1 - 7/7 Monday - DM - G1 Soundwave Finished
G1 Soundwave - FanArt Commission by EryckWebbGraphics

Slot 2 - 7/8 Tuesday - DM - G1 Skywarp Finished
G1 SkyWarp - FanArt Slot Commission by EryckWebbGraphics

Slot 3 - 7/9 Wednesday - DM - Incred Syndrome Finished
 Incredibles Syndrome - Slot Commish by EryckWebbGraphics

Slot 4 - 7/10 Thursday - M&RW - DeathCobra Finished
 Death Cobra - Slot Commission by EryckWebbGraphics

Slot 5 - 7/11 Friday - AL - Nova RichardRider Finished
 Nova - Slot Commission by EryckWebbGraphics

----July 14-18----
Slot 1 - 7/14 Mon - DS - OC Wildfire Finished
 Wild Fire - Slot Commish by EryckWebbGraphics

Slot 2 - 7/15 Tues - MrHlfAwk - soulcaliber Finished
 Taki Soul Caliber - Slot Commish by EryckWebbGraphics

Slot 3 - 7/16 Wed -  Robenix - WheelMan Finished
Wheelman - Slot Commission by EryckWebbGraphics

Slot 4 - 7/17 Thurs - ShawnH - Selfie Finished
Swinging For The Fences - Slot Commish by EryckWebbGraphics

Slot 5 - 7/22 Tues - TFerg - OC 1 Finished

----July 21-31----
Slot 1 - 7/23 Wed - TFerg - OC 2 Finished

No More Slots Currently Available!
New Jumping Boy! 9.10 - Bring It On!…
Good morning - streaming comic colors/ shades this morning on PICARTO -… - come grab a seat! School is in session!
emma frost white queen and blowtorch right now on livestream -…
Livestreaming some Commission drawing/ inking/ coloring this afternoon - stop by if ya want… a seat you must grab!
Streaming comic colors for a bit…
Preparing to stream Elsa and Anna pencil-to finished from  on    - come grab a seat -…
Back to business as usual, working offsite while power utilities get fixed at the normal place. But got the full setup here so workin away. Wrappin up any lingering may orders as a priority and my weekly comic work and everything else around that. Keep the commissions coming, available for new character art/ mascot design/ character design/ tshirt graphics and more!
Email for quotes for now. Get that pricelist up on the site soon as possible.

Have a great week
The event will take place here, tonight!:…
Example of previous sketch night work:

The event will take place here, tonight!:…
Happy Friday the 13th + Full Moon Upgrade! - Beware machetes, axes and crazy people (and or werewolves) - have a great end of the week!
Thursday Night Livestream featuring Kim Possible, Shego and Tiki from Fire Emblem is GOOO! Grab a seat!!…
A note on getting a 'copy' of my work

When asked 'hi can i have a hires of this transformers art (that was commissioned and created for a client's youtube channel) to use on my project, i'll give you credit mmkthx bye'

The commissioned artwork is the property of the client and the client alone gets the hires. I do not claim ownership of the characters or names, but I maintain the right (which client agrees to via paying my invoice) to use copies of all commissioned works in my gallery and promotional materials. Nothing in my gallery is for reuse (personal works or commissioned works) by anybody else except the person who commissioned it and myself for promotion of my business. Works commissioned by clients are strictly off limits to anybody else using them. My own personal works are more flexible and copies of works can be purchased at my discretion. If you'd like something like a piece that you see in my gallery or promotional material, I'd be happy to take a commission and create something new and unique for you to use that is not a direct rip off of a client's unique commissioned work.

Of course the client can do with their commissioned art as they please. They are free to wallpaper it in their house, use it as toilet-paper, hang it on a wall, wear it as apparel or hand out copies to friends and family. I however out of respect for the client will not ever do this except for my own artworks.

Livestreaming a character art warmup this morning -… just for a bout an hour RIGHT NOW
Working on a project called 'KnightStalker' for the next few hours - streaming it on Picarto…
For at least all of this week I've brought out of storage all the old art (anything i've uploaded to deviant art and not deleted) as far back as 2005 (before eryck webb graphics) and early days of EWG - check it out
Heres a link somewhere in the middle:

EWcmmsh05: Mt Rainier by EryckWebbGraphics GearRunner by EryckWebbGraphics Chimp Fiction by EryckWebbGraphicsHavok by EryckWebbGraphics  Krazed Kei Group Shot by EryckWebbGraphics9 9 09 by EryckWebbGraphics
Back at it for another week - have a good one…

Well! What a fantastically awesome week this has been. Kicked off with the 300th episode of Horseshoes and HandGrenades as they begin anew for 300 more! Got very very caught up on orders and worked probably close to 10 hours each day this week but it was great. Everyone enjoy their proofs and progress orders and finished works and I will take care of anybody who hasn't gotten their proof/ or work this week directly after the weekend! Thanks so much for your orders and making it a great  week, lets do it again next week!

Weather is gorgeous, feels and smells like a perfect summer day, time to pack the truck and get lost in the woods for the weekend. If you don't hear from me on Monday call Smokey the bear! He'll know what to do.

Have a great weekend!