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Shazam commish with a personalized flare - sketch to fin on EWG Thurs Nite - Starting now!…
Interwebs bein laggy and issue-laden so I'm going to stay off stream keep plowing ahead on today's work. Thanks for watchin!
Streaming some work on TMNT page spread - gettin this sucker out the door! Digital inks time -…
Working n Drawing all afternoon - Hangout, Chat, Ask Questions, Enjoy! Werd…
Moved over to  the picarto-based setup was having issues -… - doing some TnC pencils
Late night comic pencils - streaming! Only on the EWG Website Livestream page -… - Enjoy!
Brand New Run Of The Mill by Eryck Webb…
Brand new TNC! Read, Enjoy, Like and Share! Make sure Facebook isn't keeping folks from seeing/ enjoying it! -
Brand new UTMNT! Read, Enjoy, Like and Share! Make sure Facebook isn't keeping folks from seeing/ enjoying it!
Morning Livestream - some Cobra warmup/ commission drawing action -…   
The Livestream has moved to Picarto -… - jack burton says go there to watch
A little big trouble in little china commission action on Livestream here:… have a seat!
Head over to the EWG Livestream page right now for some character art!…   
Now broadcasting Thursday Night Livestream - will begin recording/ drawing in a few minutes!… Come hang.
See folks out on EWG Livestream at 8pmEST for Thursday Stream recorded event featuring one more OctSale order for Luis! Break till then.
Streaming one of two final Oct Orders for TamTam of his Champions Online hero on Picarto in one min! Grab a seat! -…
Back In Black by EryckWebbGraphics
Alright! Officialy back at it after a nice 5 or so days off - see if I can't ease back into the swing of things. Got stuff to draw and clients to please. Keep the commissions coming, always available and need to keep the ol' queue cycling. Email for quotes and orders. Hitting the ground running full of pumpkin cereal pumpkin fruit bar and pumpkin coffeee.... i'm turnin into a pumpkin head! Lets do this...
Thanks so much for the great response to this sale, I'm really happy to be able to provide a service and product that folks get so excited about! Needless to say I will be busy the next couple weeks, but these will all be a lot of fun and I look forward to it! I'm shooting to have them done by November 1st but will have them done by November 7th at the latest! Thank you and goodnight! This event is now concluded!

#livestream #commission #comicart #microscale 

The event has started, only between 8pm-12amEST are orders accepted.

Paypal $30.00 to - leave a note about prefered nickname for order tracking in the notes on your payment.

Send one solid picture of reference for each commission to the same email.

Go to the EWG Livestream page for this event if you have any questions you wish to ask or to talk to me live in the chat - and watch a piece or two being drawn live as an example.…


Tonights MicroSale features $30 flat cost via paypal for a one character commission either normal EWG style or EWG Chibi style. No Background no proofs. Will work on example orders during the event and being available for questions and taking orders. This is a 45-52 value normaly, now only for 30.00 during this 4 hour special. Have your paypal balances and one solid visual reference ready! May order more than one in one picture but price per character does not change. Limit 4 in a picture. Thank you in advance! Do not send orders till the event starts and when order is over no more are accepted! All orders completed by November 6th

OctoberMicrosale copy by EryckWebbGraphics
Normal style
Thundercracker  - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics Canopy - Slot Commish by EryckWebbGraphics Killshot Akimbo - Slot Commission by EryckWebbGraphics
Chibi Style
Gargoyle - Chibi Monday Commish by EryckWebbGraphics Melova Chibi - Monday Commission by EryckWebbGraphics Kylie Griffin Chibi - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics
Likeness Styles:
Super Freya And Sidekick Chibi - Year End Commish by EryckWebbGraphics 2 Fly Boys - Chibi Monday Commission by EryckWebbGraphics Swinging For The Fences - Slot Commish by EryckWebbGraphics

Thursday (10/16)

Thank you in advance!