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1 hour left on todays 'doodle stream' window - come on out, slap down a dollar or two and get a doodle
Thank you all! Will get to work on these!

Monday 2/8
:hump:Slot 1 - AerialAxiom - Finished! Enjoy!
:hump:Slot 2 - AerialAxiom - Finished! Enjoy!

Tuesday 2/9
:hump:Slot 1 - SaltyRoo - Finished! Enjoy!
:hump:Slot 2 - Robachi - Finished! Enjoy!

Wednesday 2/10  
:hump:Slot 1 - SomethingWitty - In Queue! Thank You! 
:hump:Slot 1 - Zeiceg - In Queue! Thank You! 

Thursday 2/11
:hump:Slot 1 - ScottyFreeFall - In Queue! Thank You! 
:hump:Slot 2 - ScottyFreeFall - In Queue! Thank You! 

Friday 2/12 
:hump:Slot 1 - Dwald - In Queue! Thank You! 
:no:Slot 2 - Closed

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EWG LIVE! -  on  for DOODLESTREAM - starting now. Freestyle drawing, and taking requests for dollars!
About once every 6 months I get a customer I just can not work with on any calm respectable level. And refund them just to get rid of them.

Keep Calm, EWG is a one man, two dog and part time flatter girl show. If your in the queue, you'll get your art.. Can only draw so fast.

To my regular clients and supporters, who extend faith, confidence, creative liberty and patience in me weekly. Thank you! Goodnight.
Monday 2/1  
:hump:Slot 1 - :iconscottyfreefall:Finished! Enjoy!
:hump:Slot 2 - :icond-wald:Finished! Enjoy!

Tuesday 2/2  
:hump:Slot 1 - :icontamtamura: - Finished! Enjoy!
:hump:Slot 2 - :icontamtamura: - Finished! Enjoy!

Wednesday 2/3  
:hump:Slot 1 - :iconscottyfreefall:Finished! Enjoy!
:hump:Slot 2 - :iconsarialinde:: - Finished! Enjoy!

Thursday 2/4
:hump:Slot 1 - :icontransfan2: Finished! Enjoy!
:hump:Slot 2 - :iconmicromax:Finished! Enjoy!

Friday 2/5   
:hump:Slot 1 - :iconsingory: - In Queue! Thank you!
:hump:Slot 2 - :iconsingory: - In Queue! Thank you!

Full info and more here:…

Week of 2/1 - 2/5!
This week features: One chararacter, inked and colored. No bg. No proofs.

Monday 2/1  
Slot 1 - :iconscottyfreefall: - In Queue! Thank you!
Slot 2 - :icond-wald: - In Queue! Thank you!

Tuesday 2/2  
Slot 1 - :icontamtamura: 
- In Queue! Thank you!
Slot 2 - 
:icontamtamura: - In Queue! Thank you!

Wednesday 2/3  
Slot 1 - 
:iconscottyfreefall: - In Queue! Thank you!

Thursday 2/4

Friday 2/5  

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Grab them before they are sold out, they go quick!
Weekly Slots coming back in a few weeks
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Thank you to those who purchased End Of Year Sale Slots!

No Open Slots Are Now Available. Get on these have them done by end of January!

Slots Available!

1.) :star: :icond-wald: - Paid/ Ref Received/ Thank you!
2.) :star: :icontamtamura: - Paid/ Ref Received/ Thank you!
3.) :star: :iconjolsonn: - Paid/ Ref Received/ Thank you!
4.) :star: :icond-wald: - Paid/ Ref Received/ Thank you!
5.) :star: :iconsarialinde: - Paid/ Ref Received/ Thank you!
6.) :star: :icond-wald: - Paid/ Ref Received/ Thank you!
7.) :star: :iconmrhalfawake: - Paid/ Ref Received/ Thank you!
8.) :star: Closed - Not Claimed
9.) :star: Closed - Not Claimed
10.) :star: Closed - Not Claimed


Lol, not only did I max out Inkscape drawing 6 epic commissions on stream tonight and have it crash (its fine i saved) but my intention to push and get 6 done at once in one night led to me keeling over lol. Will pick it up Monday night on a follow up livestream where I will black fill/ finish the inks properly and color all 5 (cause one was a bw) orders for sure!
Till then, I gotta sleep and I have some other orders to get done tomorrow before the evening. Thanks so much to those who came out hungout made it a great event. Really worth the time and effort. Just sorry I couldnt get them done faster! Have them to you soon! The monday picarto livestream will be the official last of 2015. Tonight was the second in a two night live sketch night event with special holiday-theme and pricing. It was a lot of fun and definitely something I wou ld like to do again.


Check out the pieces so far here:…
EWG Is Live! - Come get comfy, the second live sketch night is about to begin! Last of 2015! See ya there! ‪#‎art‬

The Holidays have arrived, and though the deadline for anything being garunteed by Christmas has passed, that doesnt change the fact that Eryck Webb Graphics accepts new commission orders on a daily basis! Character design, character art, branding, tshirt and print and web ad design and more! Check out the pricelist at the EWG website for more info! What can EWG create for you?…

Happy Holidays!

A special holiday themed AND PRICED live sketch night 1 of 2 has begun! Come out, have a seat get some art! -
EWG Live Sketch Night 1 of 2 - starts at 8! 
50% off regular commission prices, chibi or normal character - $12 black and white, $25 color.
Two nights only! Tonight (2/15) and 2/17! 8pmEST!
Gettin setup now! Get yourself a beverage and find your seat!
Happening here:

Final Live Sketch Stream of 2015! by EryckWebbGraphics

Final Live Sketch Stream of 2015! by EryckWebbGraphics

Excited to do some final Livestream action with folks two nights this week! See you all there!…
Streamin some gaming and waiting for the end of hte candle hunt over at…

About a half hour left before I close it down