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EWG PotofGold-20px copy by EryckWebbGraphics

Alrighty, last reminder - in the spirit of leprechauns everywhere EWG is holding a Pot Of Gold hunt for a discount price on a fully inked/ colored chibi! All you have to do is find the pot of gold on the EWG website and follow the instructions to get your discounted chibi commission! Read the full info here and goodluck! Sale ends midnight tonight. Eastern time!…
A lot of orders had to be pushed back this week, I'm sorry for the delays. Thank you for understanding. Have a good weekend.

No orders accepted until prompted during event please.
Tonight 8pmEST! 

Will be taking one at a time tonight, see if I can get 3-4 done. Thanks in advance! See you on EWG Picarto! No orders accepted until prompted during event please.

 Full details here:

Got the stream on while workin this morning - come hang -…  
New Vivian character art finishd up from lastnights live sketch night is in the EWG website art gallery!
Check her out!…
Thanks to everyone who came out for a great Live Sketch Night tonight! Was the best one yet! Goodnight! Get to reamining ordres tomorrow/ friday!
EWG Live Sketch Night starts up in 10 minutes! Grab a seat! -…  
Good Morning! Have a badass Wednesday! See you out for LiveSketchNights tonight at 8pmEST! Discount Art, Drawn Live!
$26 black and white
$37 full color
Get some new character art!
Will be happening here:…
2-4-15 EWG Live Sketch Night by EryckWebbGraphics

EWG Live Sketch Nights - Happening 8pmEST 2-4-15 (Tomorrow)

EWG is happy to promote our new weekly fixture, 'Live Sketch Nights'. Now every Wednesday you can come to EWG's livestream at 8pm EST to get a fast, high quality, on the spot art piece of the character of your choice. It can be fanart of a mainstream comic, animation, movie or video game character OR your original creation!

We hope to see YOU at this week's event TOMORROW night and every Wednesday night!!!!

This will be great if you do not want to pay for the high-end publish-quality illustration work but are looking for some high quality fresh exciting character art for your hobbies and interests! All you need is $26 (for inked black & white) or $36 (for full color over inks) per character (sent through PayPal), and a solid reference picture. That's it!!!!

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday for the launch of EWG Live Sketch Nights happening exclusively at Picarto:…

More details:

You have your choice of a black and white or colored ink sketch
You can choose a normal or chibi form
There are no backgrounds or extras outside of depicted character
You must either provide an existing visual reference of the character 
    or be willing to use whatever interpretation the artist applies to the
All changes made once your order is complete will incur additional
    charges. Changes may include upgrading to color ($15) or adding a
    background ($15 black & white, $30 full color)
Payments are only accepted via PayPal
Please do not pay until you have been prompted to do so
● Orders will be done one at a time and as many as possible will be
    completed in the given night
In most cases the event will last two or three hours, but may be longer
    if necessary
If, for any reason, an order is not completed Wednesday night, it will
    be finished by Friday
Customers also have option to purchase several pieces at their discounted price, but only by coming out to the event and ordering at the event directly. These orders however will be streamed during the event. They will be done one-a-day until complete. (If there are 5 orders, they will be done by the end of the following week).
New from EWG! - New Snake and Eagle Commission Process, only on EWG YouTube! - via youtube #youtube #art
Video Editing done. Streamin on a Friday Night - thats how this boy parties on a Friday night - Turtle time! -…
EWG Live Sketch Night 1-28-15 Recap is up!…
EWG Live Sketch Nights - Premiers tomorrow by EryckWebbGraphics
EWG Live Sketch Night for 1/28/2015 starts in a few minutes! -… 
Saturday Streaming -- NOW! A special Saturday livestream working on digitally coloring some character art orders on one big canvas, come hang, and enjoy the tunes! #schoolsinsession…
Whos going to be coming out to the sketchnight this Wednesday. Discounted prices on inked and colored character art, watch them be drawn live on the spot.

EWG Live Sketch Nights by EryckWebbGraphics
Its a snowy wonderland outside - and a graphic factory on the inside - Stream is on! Have a seat! -…   
Streaming/ Working till midnight then flopping in bed. Join me wont you? ...not in bed...… .. on the stream
Drawing transformers, grimlock vs a combiner. Thought I'd turn on picarto for a bit. Come hangs.…