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All done streaming for the night! Thanks to the dozen viewers or so who hungout checked it out! Have a good night!
Fired up the stream - drawing the arts - come have a seat -

Lots of work to get done this afternoon. But will be Livestreaming on Picarto tonight 8pmEST on some comic strip colors (possibly more) - hope folks can come observe! Grab some popcorn, enjoy the tunes and digital art wizardry!

Right here at the EWG Picarto Channel:
Livestreaming some commission comic strip pencils and inks! Come sit in! Be here all afternoon.  
Doodle Stream - Freestyle Drawing on PICARTO, come grab a seat - call out suggestions of things to doodle.…
Done workin this evening - stream off. 
Time for bed!
Got 5 pieces done tonight.
Working late, listening to and streaming. Checkout the work flow
EWG Live! - Going Live on PICARTO! Working on some of the last July Sale orders - come have a seat!…  
Do you think its better to have a different site for each webcomic and can link back to your main or have them all on one big site?

Check out this new article posted at the EWG website, and get a glimpse at the collection of sketchbooks in Eryck Webb's library.…
July Sale orders are being pushed back till the 21st, and since even though I've posted so on my website, twitter and facebook and people still email me asking... will post here hoping to reach the rest, that all July sale orders still needing completed are being pushed back to 21st instead of 13th. Sorry for the inconvenience, can't be helped.
15 min left to get in on the July Character Art Sale - Heres how!…
15 min left to get in on the July Character Art Sale - Heres how!…

Follow instructions on the ad or get more info here:…

Look forward to drawing for you!
What's a Thursday Night without some Eryck Webb Graphics livestreaming? This night is no different! workin on orders

Check out the quarterly updated pricelist over at the Eryck Webb Graphics website!…

Email for quotes and ordering!

Sketch Night 6/25/15
PreOrders CLOSED
Only PREORDERS accepted for this event, no ordering during

Come out to see your order 8pmEST-10 or 12EST at EWG Picarto Channel…

Only accepting orders via preorder. If no preorders are received event will not be held

Can upgrade to color anytime tonight if you already bought a black and white order for 16.00.

PreOrders so far:

1. :star: 800-830pmEST - :iconophi74: - Elf OC summer style!

2. :star: 830-900pmEST - :iconsarialinde: - Fall Out 3 Character  Vault Hunter

3. :star: 900-930pmEST - :iconmrhalfawake: - Kylie offtime

4. :star: 930-10pmEST - CLOSED

5. :star: 1000-1030pmEST -  CLOSED
Please support UTMNT on indiegogo so we can finish the second issue and more! Head over to…
Pre Order and save some money and get ahead of the line.…

Only available till 5:30pm
Offering PreOrders for tonights BW Sketch Night. Check the link get the details before ordering!…