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Got a lot of to dos to get nailed down this week but looking forward to the changeup and fun that is Drawing Request Show Tuesday and Thursday at 7pmET!
Lets do eet people! Till then got full days of work ahead of me. *rolls up sleeves*
Lets do thissss
DRShow can be watched live at every Tuesday/ Thursday 7pmET! Can also view past recordings and look up Eryck Webb Graphics on YouTUbe for highlight reels and recap videos.
I am blown away by the amazing support this week. And tonight is the icing on the cake. Thank you so much to everybody for making Drawing Request Show Episode 13 THE best ever. In giveaway participation, in requests, in support. Amazing.... mind blown. Saving out the files before I go to bed and sending them out! Thank you so much.

All finished requests from tonight sent out! let me know if you did not get yours. i'll take care of it. goodnight!
Drawing Request Show Episode 13 is live - and the drawing will commence shortly! Grab a seat! #twitch #creative #art
Working on Slot Commissions for OboeShoes, MrHalfAwake and Robaschi now #liveproduction
Vector - JulySale Commish by EryckWebbGraphics Zatanna Cobra - July Sale Commish by EryckWebbGraphics Scourge and his Puggle - Slot Commission by EryckWebbGraphics Robachi OCs 2up by EryckWebbGraphics

:star-empty: Means Not Claimed | :star-half: Means Slot Claimed | :star: Means Piece Complete

1. :star: :iconlynxie: - - / Thistle colors - Enjoy!
2.:star: :iconmrhalfawake: - / LodossX2 colors - Enjoy!
3. :star:: :iconsomethingwitty93: / Jet Girl - Enjoy!
4. :star: :iconsomethingwitty93: / Raikiri - Enjoy!
5. :star: :iconsarialinde: - Overwatch Mei Inks/Cols - Enjoy!
6. :star-half: :iconmrhalfawake: - / Psylocke - Thank You!
7. :star: :icond-wald: - Draenei Thor -  - Enjoy!
8. :star: :icontamtamura: - Congrats!  - Enjoy!
9. :star-half: :icond-wald: - - / Stegoboy- Thank You!
10. :star-half: :iconrobaschi: - 2 Character Back to Back Thank you!

Look Forward To Drawing For You!


Normal price, one week turnaround (give or take)
I'm opening a certain number of slots I have scheduled to be available, and they will be done during that week in order of received.
Normally a 3-4 week turnaround on normal commission orders.
These will be done that week (or if delayed, immediately in the following week)

Email $38 to to claim an Opening
You get one character full figure digitally sketched, inked, colored on 11x17 300dpi canvas. No background no extras. Can purchase more than one slot and have either two characters in one commission or a character and a vehicle or a character and an animal. Can order as many as are open if you wish but only combine 2 per picture. Otherwise it is one per picture. Still confused? Email me with questions
:star-empty: Means Not Claimed | :star-half: Means Slot Claimed | :star: Means Piece Complete

Slot 1 - Zandock - Girly OC - Done! Enjoy!
Slot 1 - Oboe - Surfer Girl - Done! Enjoy!
Slot 1 - Lynxie - Thistle - Just Needs Colored!
Slot 2 - :icontamtamura: - Done! Enjoy!
Slot 1 - :icontamtamura: Done! Enjoy!
Slot 2 - :icontamtamura: - Done! Enjoy!
 Slot 1 - :iconmrhalfawake: - Anime Girl - Just Needs Colored!
 Slot 2 - :iconmrhalfawake: - Anime Guy (both in same canvas) Just Needs Colored!
Thank you! Look Forward To Drawing For You!
:star-empty: Means Not Claimed | :star-half: Means Slot Claimed | :star: Means Piece Complete

Monday 4/4
:star: Slot 1 - JBurton! - Done, Enjoy!
:star: Slot 2 - MrHalfAwake - Done, Enjoy!

Tuesday 4/5
:star: Slot 1 - FrozenViolet - Done, Enjoy!
:star: Slot 2 - TamTamura! - Done, Enjoy!

Wednesday 4/6
:star:Slot 1 - OboeShoes - Fox - Done, Enjoy!
:star: Slot 2 - OboeShoes - FoxN - Done, Enjoy!

Thursday 4/7
:star-half: Slot 1 - OboeShoes - Surfer - Moved to next week
:star-half: Slot 2 - Zandock - OC Girl - Moved to next week

Friday 4/8
:star: Slot 1 - OboeShoes! - Bank Scene Fathom - Done, Enjoy!
:star: Slot 2 - OboeShoes! - Bank Scene Imp - Done, Enjoy!

Thank you in advance!

More gallery examples here 

:star-empty: Means Not Claimed | :star-half: Means Slot Claimed | :star: Means Piece Complete

:star: Slot 1 - Oboe Shoes - Done, Enjoy!
:star: Slot 2 - Preventerice - Done, Enjoy!
:star: Slot 3 - TamTam -Done, Enjoy!
:star-empty:Slot 4 - Send $47! - Open
:star-empty:Slot 5 - Send $47! - Open
:star-empty:Slot 6 - Send $47! - Open
:star-empty:Slot 7 - Send $47! - Open
:star-empty:Slot 8 - Send $47! - Open

Thank you in advance!

Slots closed. Thank you! Stay tuned for future openings!

Will update the list above over the course of a weekend.
If you send payment you will get a slot. If I accidently get more than 8 I'll just increase the number.

The creative team of Patrick Gerard and Eryck Webb (TRANSFORMERS COLLECTOR'S CLUB MAGAZINE) team up for a critically acclaimed reconstructionist super-hero adventure about a hero and his polar bear friend, joined by established comics veterans like Brian Augustyn (BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT), Tom Peyer (HOURMAN), Art Thibert (THE NEW 52: FUTURES END), and James Ritchey III (THE GREEN LAMA). The book also features fresh talent such as Armand Villavert (GLADSTONE'S SCHOOL FOR WORLD CONQUERORS), John Derrick West (IMAGINARY DRUGS). This volume collects UNGROUNDED #1-8 and features an afterword by Sequart founder Dr. Julian Darius.…
EWG Live! - Request stream happening NOW - donate and get a drawing! many perks to choose from - #twitch #draw #art
Sketch request stream 3pmEST today!
Also, come back Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 3pmEST and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pmEST for drawing request streams!

EWG Update! - Per usual on Monday mornings, business and inhouse to-dos, then drawing rest of the day. See you 3pmEST today live on twitch. My #twitch streaming schedule and art request tiers have changed! Familiarize yourself! C ya then!

A big thank you goes out to all the people that participated in the annual St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold hunt. The turnout was great and lots of folks got  themselves a great character art discount. I hope that everyone had a lot of fun during this hunt but there is still more to come!

Read the full announcement here:…
ShamROCKIN St Patricks Day! - Creating, Streaming and Greenin' All Day!
Sketch Request Sunday! Give $$, Get Drawingness! Happening Now!
EWG Poll! - What Night Would Be Prefered For A 9pmEST Free Drawing Request Stream? #twitch #stream #art
Back From The Future at 3pmEST - Freeballin Character Art (ew.) <--DAT LINK THO

Doing an impromptu 'Live Sketch Night on twitch! Come out get a commission live when you order - #twitch #creative
Freestyle drawing, doodling, sketching whathaveya and taking requests! Live on #twitch !
Going to be drawing in SketchbookPro #sketchbook here in a couple minutes. All are welcome to join me on #twitch
EWG Live! - Going live in 5-10 minutes. Working on commissions all afternoon #twitch #art #creative