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"...I speak for [the band] when I say that you have more than earned the status of our "go to" guy for any future artwork."

"The hardest working artist I stalk on the internet."

"So much epicness in one place."

"...a lot of creativity and drive."

"Genius. Utterly awesome."

"Everything I've gotten from him has been golden."

"Thank you for making yourself available thru multiple outlets ...Looking forward to more great artwork."

"E W G has great work"

"Absolutely LOVE your art style!"

"Kicking Ass Dude!"

"Thank you so much for an amazing piece. You are top notch, Mr. Webb."



EWG Halloween 2014 by EryckWebbGraphics
EWG Halloween 2014
Well, for some, halloween trick or treating starts thursday, for some a few miles away its on saturday. and halloween is actualy friday. So i here by wish everyone a safe and fun halloween for the next 3 days :) Heres a little artwork to commemorate it. The EWG mascot 'Dewd' - one night a year he transforms into the Dewd O Lantern and with his magic wacom stylus to minister the dark graphic arts and render creations of pure evil! But they always disappear back to the nether world at sunrise after halloween! Happy Halloween everyone!
Halloweenpiecewip by EryckWebbGraphics
Came up with a new piece idea for Halloween - the Dewd O Lantern using his undead graphic skills to raise the undead and perform devious deeds! Will finish out the from oz and back though later on sometime soon - definitely be a personal work to come!
Final tally - From Oz And Back or DewdOLantern for EWGs official halloween piece this year? Which should be finished?FromOzAndBack 2014Sketch by EryckWebbGraphicsSketch2 Copy by EryckWebbGraphics
EWGdood by

Available for commissions daily! I add them to the queue 3-4 weeks ahead of when they are to be completed so as to keep the work regular and am always available unless rare situations where I am less available! Check out full pricelist, gallery and more at the EWG website:

Also of course deviant art messages and gallery. Email me at for quotes!

Right now design and character art are best, comic art will be considered but my plate is pretty full on comics right now. I will reserve taking on new comic commissions for projects that interest me the most! Hit me up!
Working on two new UTMNT pages on livestream - afterwhich you will have to be a patreon to see the recorded vids! -…
Back In Black by EryckWebbGraphics
Alright! Officialy back at it after a nice 5 or so days off - see if I can't ease back into the swing of things. Got stuff to draw and clients to please. Keep the commissions coming, always available and need to keep the ol' queue cycling. Email for quotes and orders. Hitting the ground running full of pumpkin cereal pumpkin fruit bar and pumpkin coffeee.... i'm turnin into a pumpkin head! Lets do this...


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Thank you very much! It was a good one!
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Happy birthday man, have a llamagram cake:

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Thank you very much! It was a good one!
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Happy Birthday!!!!
EryckWebbGraphics Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much! It was a good one!
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